Guestbook Archive

Name: Hank Beukema (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 24 21:47:30 2003
Comment: I don't know why it took me so long to get here, but I finally made it...I enjoyed the clips immensely; you are a tremendous talent...I loved the BMI link, there is alot of fun to be had on that page if you're like me, a music nut... Thanks for being who and what you are... Hank Beukema

Name: Dave
Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 21 00:49:01 2003
Comment: Jonmark, I love your music, and I love a manly way, of course. I look forward to seeing you in Texas this winter

Name: TC
Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 8 14:19:55 2003
Comment: I needed more time. You are missed.

Name: Tom, Dana & Mackenzie (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 11 18:11:19 2003
Comment: Coming your way - I noted on the web that you're playing Thursdays at the Boathouse II - Current plan is to see you there on the 31st. Would you and Bree be up for meeting us for dinner before the show? No way - we'll get this close and not see you guys. Are there any horse trails to hike in your part of the country? I feel a need.

Name: Bobbie Rae Wilson
Country: Texas Date: Mon Jun 30 03:56:46 2003
Comment: would you like a yoyo of your own?mom said you like it.I like you and to hear you,

Name: Lib Wilson
Country: USA/Texas Date: Mon Jun 30 03:41:48 2003
Comment: I enjoyed the time we spent at the Gathering. I have a great admiration for you as a performer and a person.Would still appreciate the CD to take to the hospital with me.7402 Bluestone SA,TX78249.Thank you so much

Name: Ginny Gnadt
Country: USA Date: Fri Jun 27 18:43:37 2003
Comment: Hi Jonmark,
I just ordered your CD without listening to any of the clips (no sound on this computer). Your singing, playing and kindness at the Mickey Newbury Gathering last weekend convinced me I needed to own your CD. You are truly a gentle spirit.


Name: Doug L
Country: Canada Date: Tue Jun 24 09:08:20 2003
Comment: Jonmark, every time you lift your guitar on to your knee, somewhere a wounded man puts down his gun. Every time you raise your voice to sing, somewhere an angry man pulls his car to the side of the road and turns back home to make peace with his family. Every time you sit calmly and patiently listen to someone finish what they started out to say, clocks lose their meaning and we have all the time in the world.

Doug Lang, Mickey Newbury Gathering
Austin, Texas 2003

Name: Coriolan (Homepage)
Country: France Date: Sun Jun 1 10:04:01 2003
Comment: Hi Jonmark ! I won't convince you, but I'm sure your music would sound great played on a Brazilian Rosewood Guitar ...
And thanks again for SFMJ! ;-)))

And if you travel to France, just drop me a line ...

Name: Doug Lang (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Mon May 19 11:09:44 2003
Comment: Hi, Jonmark. Just poking around, learning a bit about the folks on the Front Porch. It's a couple hours past midnight on the west coast, May 19th, Mickey's birthday. No doubt a tough one for his family, but I'm sure they'll get through it. I'll go back to looking around your site now. Feel free to visit the "mazappas" site listed above. Cheers, Doug

Name: Matt Storey (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue May 13 19:06:25 2003
Comment: I loved the MP3's! I always wished I'd had a tape of your stuff, now I can buy a whole CD. A lot of time has passed, but your voice, writing, and you're playing will always be up there with my favorites. Glad I finally found you on the web!

Name: Chip (Homepage)
Country: Sometimes Date: Fri May 2 05:08:14 2003
Comment: In body I'll be hanging out at a little lakeside joint along the foothills of the Cumberland Plateau on May the 2nd, and no doubt imbibing a bit o' the barley malt... but in spirit I'll be kicked back Harbor Side on The Island, taking in the smooth sounds of eloquent fretwork on an Ovation guitar...

Cheers, Mon!

Name: Bree (Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Sun Apr 20 00:01:59 2003
Comment: You are simply put,,,, the best ever.

Name: Tim Lingo (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Apr 19 14:30:26 2003
Comment: Hey man. Hope things are going well for you and Bree. Maybe we can some see you perform sometime.

Name: Geoff Taylor (Homepage)
Country: AND Western!!! Date: Fri Mar 14 21:59:31 2003
Comment: Jonmark, What an experience when the circle comes 'round... My old friend, Judy, mentioned you a few months ago, & I was glad to hear that you're alive & doing well. I was the fellow at the VW dealership. Hope to hear from you soon, my friend.

Name: Connie & Steve Brotzman (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 4 02:03:47 2003
Comment: Loved your music at the Dataw Cannery this evening -3/3/03. We can't wait to play your "Folk at the Cannery" CD. Thanks Again, Connie & Steve

Name: Wim Daniëlse (Homepage)
Country: Netherlands Date: Mon Feb 3 21:50:23 2003
Comment: Here your Feed the people song, Jonmark, Great
See you on the board

Name: wim (Homepage)
Country: netherlands Date: Tue Jan 28 21:19:44 2003
Comment: hoi Jonmark,
We heard your music on your homepage
It was great.

Name: wim (Homepage)
Country: netherlands Date: Tue Jan 28 21:16:59 2003
Comment: hoi Jonmark we haer your music on your homepage.
It is great

Name: kelly tomlin (Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Wed Jan 15 13:42:27 2003
Comment: I love you !!1 You are my favorite "adopted" brother.

Name: andrew polk (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 12 04:51:53 2002
Comment: Brother...thanks for the music & the are an awesome singer/songwriter/musician...may God continue to bless you & yours...peace...andrew

Name: Bud Wilhite (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 4 18:18:10 2002
Comment: Hey Jonmark, Love your website, Bud

Name: Ed Shaver (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 3 16:00:46 2002
Comment: Enjoed your music last Friday night (11/29/02) at the Boathouise Resturant on Hilton Head Island. Hope you got the pictures I sent via e-mail.

Name: Judy (Homepage)
Country: Date: Wed Oct 16 00:42:00 2002
Comment: Oh my Gosh, I just recived your CD and it is wonderful!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much, see you on the porch..Judy

Name: andrew polk (Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Mon Oct 7 20:03:22 2002
Comment: Jonmark...nice the mp3' I hear a little influnce of Gordon Lightfoot?? looking fwd to hearing the whole cd...God bless you friend...andrew

Name: Eve (Homepage)
Country: Date: Mon Oct 7 18:05:16 2002
Comment: What a blessing you are to Mickey Newbury fans. You are quite a writer, my friend, and a heartfelt singer. You helped family, friends and fans alike to find a sense of peace with your beautiful song on his passing. "Blessed are the peace makers"..don't ever stop singing and writing for you too, are a national treasure.

Name: John (Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Wed Oct 2 02:18:31 2002
Comment: hope to see you soon

Name: cuzz (Homepage)
Country: Date: Mon Apr 1 14:37:35 2002
Comment: hey cuzz, love you hard as a stone!

Name: Steve Geng (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 13 03:02:08 2002
Comment: I sincerely hope you understand the effect you have on peoples lives. Your fast becoming my favorite entertainer on Hilton Head Island!

Name: Jeff Stave (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 12 06:56:36 2002
Comment: Got the music, Jonmark. Wonderful! To give my evaluation of praise here would imply that I know something about music. So, let me say only, and showing personal preference, if only JD could sing like you! One more thing, "Feed my people" may soon be in my church choir's repertoire. If that song is of your heart, then yours and mine are of the same. -Jeff S

Name: April (Homepage)
Country: Japan Date: Wed Mar 6 12:55:39 2002
Comment: Greetings from over here on the other side of the "other" pond. Just treated myself to your CD. I, too, like so many of the other folks from the Front Porch can't get enough after listening so many times to your contribution to 'the' Tribute CD... so maybe having this recording will help satisfy those cravings...but better keep 'em comin' just in case...

Name: Billy & Eve (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Mar 5 22:48:27 2002
Comment: We heard your beautiful song on the Mickey Newbury Tribute CD and decided we had to find out more about you. It was a beautiful song sung by an inspired singer. Love, always.

Name: Joop van den Bosch (Homepage)
Country: Netherlands Date: Tue Mar 5 18:53:38 2002
Comment: Hey, you have changed your website, Jonmark!
It looks great.I love your music, man!

Name: Roy Stamps (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 28 04:31:51 2002
Comment: Jonmark...just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your "When I Heard Newbury Sing", on the Tribute CD. I plan on playing it for Willie Nelson this Saturday night. I didn't know you had a CD, so I'm going back to order it now. Thanks for sharing.

Name: Wife (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 27 21:19:05 2002
Comment: If all you people only knew what I know.
There is Not a greater Heart in this world.
I have the honor of that Heart.
That is where the music flows.
I am the Lucky one.... Bree

Name: Ann (Homepage)
Country: Date: Wed Feb 27 03:08:10 2002
Comment: Looking forward to seeing you at the Dataw Historic Foundation Oyster Roast on March 4.

Name: Ron Lyons (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Feb 17 04:16:09 2002
Comment: Your new web page design looks great. I drop in now and again to check up on you.

Name: Bill Littleton (Homepage)
Country: U S of A Date: Tue Feb 12 23:56:56 2002
Comment: Meant to stop by earlier but distractions pile up mercilessly in the lives of old men. Does memory serve me correctly that we share the experience of knowing Judy Mehaffey? I had a phone number on her at one point but heart surgery got me so discombulated I lost LOTS of phone numbers!! Doing much better now, though. Take care and keep me posted on what you're doing -- my newsletter, thebridgeworks, comes entirely from "field reports."

Name: Chris Fraser (Homepage)
Country: Australia Date: Tue Jan 29 03:41:28 2002
Comment: Loved your stuff on the trubute album. Just come here to listen to more.

Name: Roland Stubblefield (Homepage)
Country: foreign state Date: Mon Jan 21 22:04:40 2002
Comment: couldn't help but click on the link to see what you are doing with your site. looks good to me

Name: Karen Bull (Homepage)
Country: Australia Date: Tue Jan 1 07:16:45 2002
Comment: Jonmark, I saw you perform at Perdido Key when I came (to hear the music) over to see Mickey Newbury. I said then that I had to get a CD of yours asap, I loved your performance. Time has slipped away but I have now heard "When I Heard Newbury Sing" and suddenly, I am reminded of when I heard Jonmark sing... I have listened to clips from your site and am blown away, again. Love your work, love your nature, love you.

Name: Rick Brashear (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 24 15:04:11 2001
Comment: Hi Jonmark...
I think I have chatted with you indirectly on Mick's
board from time to time. The other day I heard a
song you wrote and sang, "When I Heard Newbury Sing"
and it simply blew me away! Is it on or will it be
on a CD? Some how I had missed out on hearing you
in the past and it was certainly loss. I am off to
correct that problem right now.

Thanks for the great music.

Name: Margaret Miller (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 15 11:15:50 2001
Comment: Miss you...lots! Work out on Tuesday nights. Hope to see you 10/29/01. Having withdrawals. Mg

Name: Terry Savastano (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 3 17:47:03 2001
Comment: Now Then ,

Lin & I enjoyed you last night at The Boathouse.I hope to see you soon.When are you free to discuss my website?Call me @342-7086.cheers

Name: Keith (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 31 08:48:09 2001
Comment: Hi, Jonmark,

Well, it's almost Labor Day weekend and I am still trying to get away from work and come down to my old stomping ground on the island..(Gotta sit in those wicker chairs at Remy's!)
I hope to get down there before Thanksgiving.
Does the name "Bondo" or "Big John" on radio mean anything to you? They both did long gigs up here in WV and I'd like to see them...
I'll let you know, and I'll find you.

-Keith (Cuz from the Porch)

Name: Phil (Homepage)
Country: England Date: Sun Aug 26 09:18:12 2001
Comment: Hey Jonmark,

if it wasn't such a long ride home....I'd be at all your resident performances.....


Phil & Val x

Name: archie shepherd (Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Sun Aug 26 00:57:50 2001
Comment: JonMark, Mick called and said he is giving his
laptop to his we will not be needing
the CD for Linux. thanks anyway...

Name: ARCHIE SHEPHERD (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 25 22:04:29 2001

Name: Mick (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 15 20:13:08 2001
Comment: Love Ya Son,

Name: chip (Homepage)
Country: The South Date: Fri Jun 29 21:20:00 2001
Comment: Hi, Jonmark - On my way to the Island again. Won't make it to Vic's tonight, but should be bumming around Sea Pines late tomorrow. Sent you an e-mail this afternoon. Cheers from the foot of the Cumberland Escarpment in Southern Middle Tennessee - chip

Name: Skotski (Homepage)
Country: Oregon, U.S.A. Date: Sun Jun 24 23:23:16 2001
Comment: Jonmark, you ol' sun-of-a-gun! Hadn't checked out many of MN'S "links" and had no idea you were a songwriter. Now that I know (thanks to the "scheduled maintenance" on Mickey's porch) I am looking forward to purusing your sight as well. See you on the porch (or maybe even here from time to time).

Name: J POe (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 2 04:50:28 2001
Comment: Mickey Newberry said you were one of the top five
singer songwriters known to him.
I have yet to make up my mind as to the extent of
of his knowledge...but some, do pay attention to him.
Good luck,

Name: chip (Homepage)
Country: Yes! Date: Wed May 30 01:33:37 2001
Comment: Evenin', Jonmark -
Will I find you at Vic's Tavern in Pineland Station this Friday evening, the 1st of June?
cheers from Tennessee -

Name: Jeffrey E Miller (Homepage)
Country: Yes, And... Date: Tue May 29 11:15:47 2001
Comment: Jonmark,I've Been a great fan of yours since
I Learned "ALOT" from watching you perform at Tony Roma's in Gnashville, and at Harper's place. You have always been an inspiration to me to do better than I thought I could, because you could do things that shouldn't be able to be done by one man with an accoustic guitar and one voice.
Whether you know it or not, you have always been a TRUE frien

Name: Jerry Strange (Homepage)
Country: a little bit Date: Tue May 22 15:21:08 2001
Comment: Why this guy is not bigger than Bob Dylan by now is one of the great mysteries of our day.
Wayne Newton called him a entertainer's, entertainer.

Name: KELLY (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon May 21 14:01:05 2001
Comment: You look good JR> I love you and miss you...Kelly

Name: Miss Daisy (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue May 8 07:32:18 2001
Comment: Tell me about song writing and how one gets material recorded? Thank-you Miss Daisy

Name: bob (Homepage)
Country: it varies Date: Tue Apr 24 20:16:06 2001
Comment: I am thrilled to see where you are, and know where
you've been...stay the course, jm, man am I so proud.
with peace and love, bob

Name: Unk J. (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Apr 1 03:43:16 2001
Comment: Just checkin.....

Name: Tim & Linda Howard (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 3 15:55:47 2001
Comment: We are looking forward to seeing you while vacationing in Hilton Head 4/28-5/12. We're the folks who wanted you to play for our daughter's wedding a couple of years ago.

Name: Jolyn (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Jan 21 02:37:14 2001
Comment: thanx for the link to your page. i enjoyed the visit. . . ;-} j

Name: Ervan James Parker (Homepage)
Country: I love Country Date: Tue Dec 26 13:33:48 2000
Comment: I miss you and hope you come to see us when your in Alabama. I finished a new song yo would love to sing. It was recorded by Anita Palmer with one weeek of finish. It feels good to get a new artist excited. Maybe we couuld reserect some of our old tunes?

Stay well and give my love to your family. I love you and your great music.

Kindest regards, Jim, Lysa, Jesse and Jamie Parker

Name: MICK (Homepage)
Country: ~*~ Date: Sun Dec 17 19:26:23 2000

Name: Mike (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 28 19:48:33 2000
Comment: What a long way you've come since performing in the auditorium at Cox HS. Congrats...and best wishes for continued success.

Name: MICK (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 14 04:00:55 2000
Comment: Hey Son....back home now...tired. I don't know what I have yet. It will take me awhile to decide what to keep and what to throw away. I hope all is well.

Name: larry larry (Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Mon Oct 30 01:42:23 2000
Comment: Had to make sure that Dave and Bill hadn't signed first. Don't want to be in more than place at a time with those clowns.

Name: chip (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Oct 12 17:46:47 2000
Comment: Yo, Jonmark -
Your home is back at mindspring... a decidedly friendlier place for us guerilla web surfers... have not seen a cookie or a pop-up yet!
The best of good skill and good fortune to you as always!
from lakeside on Tims Ford -

Name: chip (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Sep 28 04:14:43 2000
Comment: Hi, Jonmark!

Just passin' through to check out your new home in cyberspace.
Hope you are getting a really really sweet free deal from webjump... for those cookies and ads that pop up every 60 seconds... they should be paying you for hosting their ads!!! :-(
Hope all be well with you on The Island! :-)

from somewhere on the North American continent -

Name: Bob Tremble (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Sun Sep 24 23:18:08 2000
Comment: We met you in Hilton Head this summer where we thoroughly enjoyed your music. You were kind enough to give us your "Folk At The Cannery" CD. WE just love listening to it, and would like to know if we can buy more of you wonderful sounds on other CD's.PLease let us know how and where. Best Regards Janet & Bob Tremble.

Name: Ron Lyons (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 22 01:01:45 2000
Comment: Hadn't been here for awhile so I thought I would say hello. All your efforts, here and in music, are always impressive...Ron

Name: Quita (Homepage)
Country: US Date: Fri Sep 8 14:35:24 2000
Comment: I like the clip of "Feed My People". It is a very touching song.

Name: Joe Ziemer (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Aug 27 16:11:31 2000
Comment: Hey pal,

Just wanted to say HOWDY!!! Have a great day.


Name: Mickey Newbury (Homepage)
Country: U.S.ofA. Date: Sun Aug 27 03:46:06 2000
Comment: Hello Sonny Boy...This here is you little ole' grey headed Daddy here.
Jus' wanted to say I love ya.

Name: Jeff Stave (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 23 05:31:59 2000
Comment: Front porcher, and guitarist intraordinaire. But I DO know my guitars! Martin 0018G (gut), and D35S (12 fret), Taylor 414. Love to play, just not good at playing anyone else's music.

Name: Janie Buckley (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Aug 10 13:02:07 2000
Comment: Hi Jonmark,
Not sure if you will remember me from but we went to school together for many years,Janie Bateman. Just wanted to say hi and looks like you have done quite well this past years.

Name: Brian Goode (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sat Jul 15 16:59:25 2000
Comment: Good to see you too. Quite a night - ask Tim about being mooned by one of my friends as she went out the door.

Great site!

Name: christine (Homepage)
Country: blufftonia Date: Tue Jun 6 20:38:56 2000
Comment: hiya schweetie!!! checking to see where yer at on tuesday nites... think i might get mags out to see you soon. love ya, c

Name: Linda Howard (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon May 22 15:41:02 2000
Comment: We saw you perform at the Westin and loved you! As you know, we even asked you to play at our daughter's wedding ... that's a true compliment of your talent. See you next trip.

Name: Mark Despault (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Sun May 21 17:32:14 2000
Comment: Jonmarks live Cd is great. One of those rare occasions in recording that the moment gets captured in a live setting and it works! The atmosphere is there and the material and performance are great!
The Token Canadian

Name: Tom, Dana & Mackenzie Cunningh (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 17 13:02:58 2000
Comment: Damn, you're good. Hoping to get back to the island with the family soon. I don't believe I've ever enjoyed a night of music like that last one. Give a hug to the extended family for us