Mickey Newbury
My longtime friend and teacher.
Mickey Newbury passed away quietly in his sleep on September 29th, 2002.
He is greatly missed by his family, friends, and fans.
Not a day goes by, Mick...

Additional Newbury Links:
Old Blueboard Forum
MySpace Profile

Billy Strange
Legendary guitarist, writer, arranger, producer. Heavy weight
client list... Elvis, Sinatra, Beach Boys, and still cookin'!
One of the kindest and most talented humans around.
Also check out Billy's Bio page at The Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

Marty Hall
Marty is one of the most unique, kind and caring people I've ever known.
Click on this link and you'll find he keeps his fingers in many various
flavored pie's.

Doug Lang
A brilliant Canadian singer/songwriter.
So proud to call him my friend.
Tune in to Doug's weekly Internet Radio Show,
"Better Days" , Thursday's, 10 to Midnight (PT).

Egbert Meyers

An amazing talent and man. Egbert lives in Holand, writes and performs in
multiple languages, and I cherish his friendship.

Cowboy Johnson
If you're ever down in Austin, Texas, go hear Cowboy sing.
I promise you'll be touched by this gentle sweet man.

Toni Jolene Clay
My brilliantly talented "adopted" sister. Vocalist, writer, pianist, and

Vic Clay
Married to Toni Clay, Vic has had a long and succesful career as a studio
musician, producer, and engineer. I was proud and honored to have
collaborated with the Clay's on my CD "Etched In Stone".

Kacey Jones
Kacey is known by millions from her appearances on
"A Prairie Home Companion". Renowned for her cleverly written
humorous songs, I know for a fact there is a kind, deep river
flowing beneath the surface.

Tim Malchak
An old friend and powerful Christian artist. Tim was kind enough
to include my song "Feed My People" on his current CD.
Drop by and say Hi.

Randy Brown
A talented and award winning artist... and a rare person.

Marie Rhines
An accomplished violinist, and an equally accomplished human being.

I have been playing Ovation and Adamas guitars for 39 years.
Enough said.

Elixir Guitar Strings
Here's a great product... Polymer coated strings.
My brand choice for 15 years.

I am a BMI affiliated Songwriter. Tons of info here for all you Trivia buff's.